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Anne Marie Ludovici

Wellness Author, Consultant, & Speaker

Anne Marie Ludovici (Annie) is a noted author, speaker, wellbeing activist and leading authority in affective personal lifestyle enrichment. Annie helps people change — from the inside out; and her best-selling book, Winning Health Promotions Strategies, is considered the blueprint for fostering healthy communities everywhere. With a masters in Kinesiology and a major in Psychology & Social Aspects of Behavior Change, Annie blends academic theory with over 30 years of health & wellness experience to empower meaningful, personal, life-enriching changes that last. Her unique expertise and proven methodology has helped a wide range of clients — from Fortune 100 clients to small businesses, healthcare providers, and state and local governments — make a change for the healthier. Annie lives in Wakefield, RI.

Change Your Mind, Change Your Health Cover

Change Your Mind, Change Your Health:

7 Ways to Harness the Power of Your Brain to Enhance Wellbeing

Change Your Mind, Change Your Health: 7 Ways to Harness the Power of Your Brain to Enhance Wellbeing reveals proven techniques developed and used by behavioral experts, researchers, health coaches and psychology professionals to inspire and empower people to embrace the enriching power of change. Change isn’t an outcome, it’s a process. It’s a journey of personal independence, self-discovery and transformation leading to a whole new, healthier you. Change Your Mind, Change Your Health leads readers step by step down the path to conquer their challenges and help harness and channel their inner power to transform their lives for good. Like the caterpillar becomes a butterfly, the power of change unlocks our hidden beauty and potential to soar.


Midwest Book Review

“Exceptionally well written, accessibly organized, deftly presented, and extraordinarily ‘user friendly’... This do-it-yourself improvement guide is very highly recommended...”

Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager

"Change Your Mind, Change Your Health is easy to relate to and fun to read, with sensible advice that doesn't require anything but a desire to be healthy."

Kathleen Cullinen, PhD,RD, executive commitee for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

" excellent resource for anyone seeking permanent health behavior change."

James O. Prochaska, PhD, coauthor of Changing for Good

"You are in the hands of one of my favorite friends and colleagues in the wellness field."

Bookviews, Alan Caruba

"If you are experiencing a struggle to take up good habits and break bad ones, this book will prove very helpful.”

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Winning Health Promotion Strategies

In Winning Health Promotion Strategies, the author shares tips, techniques, and success stories based on her experiences implementing the governor’s award-winning Get Fit Rhode Island program, which was instrumental in Rhode Island’s being named the first Well State in the nation by the Wellness Councils of America. She has also gathered examples from model initiatives and evidence-based programs and advice from experts in the wellness industry that will help you better understand all of the factors involved in starting or improving your own initiatives.

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It’s no secret — change is difficult. Everyone knows it. Yet we all often wish to change something about our personal health behaviors, habits or lifestyles. Fortunately, the real secret is that meaningful, successful and sustainable change is possible!

Change is a process of transformative self-enrichment. And it’s easier once you know how to successfully undertake the change you wish to achieve. The problem is most people simply don’t have the right tools, resources or knowledge of how health behavior change works for them. After all, changing our behaviors is a very personal thing to do. Celebrity diets and cookie-cutter fads don’t work for everyone — but we often assume they do. And when they don’t work for you, you think you’ve failed and give up.  But you haven’t failed — you simply didn’t have the right thing for you!

Research also shows that about 20% of the population is preparing to take “change action” at any given point of time. So rest assured you are not alone if you are not quite ready for full-on action. And sometimes, people jump into action without taking time to prepare for the drastic changes they are about to encounter. Without the appropriate “prep time,” they are setting themselves up for a greater likelihood of failure.

In my blogs and my book, Change your Mind, Change your Health, you will discover which of the five stages of change you are currently in. You’ll also learn about the best, most relevant techniques for you at your given stage of change to empower you to move closer to action. Oh, and I almost forgot the most important part — You’ll have FUN in the process!

I’m here for you, to help you change in your way and at your pace — to transform your health and your life, and achieve an independent, self-assured and sustainable sense of total wellbeing.

Let the change begin!

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Confidence Scale

Rate how confident you in your ability to achieve your health behavior change goal. A number of situations are listed below can make it hard to stick to behavior change goals.

Are You Ready to Change?

There’s more to changing than just waking up and saying, “Today’s the day.” Change is not simply like flipping on a light switch. It’s a meaningful process of transformative self-enrichment.

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AMLC Consulting

Book Signings and Seminars:

Health Behavior Change Boot-Camp


AMLC Corporate Behavior Change Consulting, LLC

Health management, engagement & behavior change:

AMLC Consulting provides consulting services for a wide range of organizations in a variety of sectors. Projects include qualitative assessment and evaluation of all aspects of health management programs & culture. As well as “AMLC’s 5 Tenets of Participant Engagement” assessment-which includes evaluation of the key tenets of engagement, along with trends and innovations in each area of focus. In addition, consulting, evaluating and training on evidenced based behavior change theories and techniques to maximize program engagement to enhance outcomes and results.

AMLC’s 5 Key Tenets of Engagement:

  1. Culture -health and productivity, policy and environmental evaluations
  2. Programs -behavior change interventions
  3. Communication -tailored, relevant, impactful
  4. Incentives – Extrinsic vs. Intrinsic motivation, recommendations for maximum engagement
  5. Innovation-continuous innovation in all for tenets as well recommendations based on other best practices and industry trends.